Audio Enhancement XDSolo

  • $1,869.30
  • Save $140.70

The XDSolo is a complete wireless sound system using DECT Technology. This speaker system emits crystal clear audio in any location to meet the needs of today’s media-rich learning environments. With built-in Voice Priority, the system will automatically lower the volume of music when a person speaks into a paired XD microphone. Made for maximum portability, this system has built-in rechargeable batteries, an easy-to-carry handle, a tripod mount, and a flat base for setting on any surface.

• All-in-one portable amplifier/receiver for indoor and outdoor use
• 3 Rear auxiliary inputs
• Bluetooth compatibility
• Built-in XD Receiver for pairing microphones
• Remote volume control of microphones and auxiliary inputs from teacher microphone
• Amplifier power supply included.
• 1 Teacher Microphone
• *1 Optional Companion Speaker 
• *1 Optional Speaker Stand
• *1 Optional Handheld Microphone