Audio Enhancement MS-450 Networked Amplifier

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The MS-450 is a networked classroom amplifier and a central component in the Optimum Classroom System. This amplifier has network-based intercom, paging and emergency notification, providing full, duplex audio. It is easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and has a simple user interface software. During emergencies, designated emergency speakers are powered over Ethernet and paging can still be heard. This unit can be installed as part of the SAFE (Security Alert For Education) System.

The MS-450 offers the following key benefits:Piraino Consulting

  • No need for a costly intercom system.  The MS-450 has intercom and paging functionality built-in
  • Achieving two-way communication between the office and classrooms has never been so simple
  • In case of emergency, a secondary redundant power source prevents power failure
  • Compatible with IR and XD technologies

The MS-450 is a 32 Watt amplifier. It has 5-band equalization and 3 auxiliary inputs.