Boxlight MimioSpace collaborative system

Boxlight MimioSpace collaborative system

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Imagine having the space for your students to engage with lessons, videos, web pages, and class objectives all at the same time in an interactive, ultra-wide collaborative space like you’ve never had before!

The MimioSpace collaborative system creates an expansive 32-touch area with Touch 360° interactivity—all the way across this enormous interactive space. Students can work together in an area almost 11 ft wide and over 4 ft tall, making collaborative learning at the front of the classroom a reality. Team and collaborative work have never been so engaging!

  • Laser projection offers brilliant consistent color, brightness, and image clarity.
  • Touch board doubles as a dry erase surface, so you won’t lose valuable whiteboard space in the classroom.
  • No more hassle of minimizing windows to find another—everything you need is easy to access and see.
  • Includes mini-PC plus the dynamic MimioStudio™ classroom software and the MimioMobile™ app, which together enable collaboration and assessment at the front of the room or on almost any device. Comes with three free MimioMobile connections for the lifetime of the product!


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